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Please download diagram* (needed to complete quote).

Imagine yourself at the top of the stairway. On a stairway as shown on Diagram A, you will descend counter-clockwise; on a stairway as shown in Diagram B, you will decend clockwise.

In both cases, you will leave the bottom step facing the same direction (arrow) as you started on the top step.
Cross out the diagram of the stairway you do not want.
On the remaining diagram indicate any walls that are adjacent to the stairway by making dark solid lines over the appropriate lines.

* Stair opening must be at least 4" larger than the stair diameter. What is your required stair diameter?*

* Desired height finished floor to finished floor?*

Only a platform rail (shown by solid line on one inside edge of the platform) is provided. If additional balcony railing is desired, draw its location on the diagram and provide length dimensions. *

* Is the well-hole at the top of the stairway: *

* Specify type of baluster:*

* Specify type of rail:

All spiral stairways have a maximum of 4" spacing between balusters. OPTIONAL SAFETY SPACE BAR BETWEEN TREADS When spacing requirements apply to the opening between treads, a horizontal safety space bar can be incorporated into the design.

* Include Safety Space Bars between treads?

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